Just a rant about congress

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  I find it quite interesting it is the rich politicians who want to raise the retirement age on social security once again. If they had to rely on the Social security as their primary if not only source of retirement and their salary was the  minimum wage if they would still want to raise the retirement age and strike down a national health care system.  I wonder if they would see things different and not be so against entitlements if they were not making those 6 digit salaries. I still am a firm believer in the idea of setting term limits on the congressional seats. If the president has a term limit why shouldn’t the congress. The congress is becoming like a stagnant pond, the same senators and house representatives been in there for way too many years. Time for newer , younger and more creative blood in the congress. New ideas and hopefully less party polarization  would be the outcome of such new blood.

Well that’s just my 2 cents worth of political thoughts for today.

Peace and Prosperity to you all

R. Barbier

One thought on “Just a rant about congress”

  1. hi ray well put on this topic well said things arent well with me right now i havent heard from jerry for five days now and not sure what to do but i have to have hope that he will come back for now he is in illionois trying to get with a new trucking company and getting him a new truck i can only hope that is the reason he hasnt gotten in touch with me he did say that it would take possibly 2 weeks for this to go through i love you ray and hope you are doing well talk with you later lisa

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