The future is never set in stone

011 Every day we wake up is a blessing and is another chance to start again. Each morning we start off with a blank slate and have the opportunity to change not only our own lives but the lives of all those around us. Before the day is through we will make choices and take actions that will affect everyone and everything within our world. Every positive or negative word, attitude and action we take can shape the future.

What we have said and done in the past is what helped us get to where we are today and still has some influence on where we may be tomorrow. The good thing is the future is never set in stone and what we do today can change what tomorrow has in store for us. Of course there are some things that are beyond our control or influence and all we can do is to try to handle those as well as we can. One thing I have learned is the closest one can get to a perfect life is when they have  learned to live life being happy with what they are blessed with.

Just some thoughts for you to chew on.

May you count your blessings and learn to overcome your curses.
Raymond Barbier

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