If they are unaware or if they just don’t care

012   Another day has passed and I have done my usual feeding of stray cats at work and have done my daily roadside photography. Thoughts of how people can abandon their animal companions in a parking lot as well as litter the streams, rivers and mountain sides of their beautiful home still disturbs me. So much love those pets had to give and the were thrown away like trash and so much beauty all around and they neglect it as well as abuse it thoughtlessly. No thought of the damage done to the things they abuse and no idea of the wonderful things they have cast a side. I don’t know if they are unaware or if they just don’t care. I really hope they are ignorant of what they do, I would hate to believe such malice could be in the hearts of so many people. At least I do know there are those who try to restore the beauty of the natural wonders around us as well as try to take care of the abandoned pets that roam out streets but there is so much that needs to be done.

For a species capable of such fantastic and wonderful things we still have along way to go when it comes to being responsible for the world around us. If we can send men to the moon and robots to mars, why can’t we take care of our beautiful blue planet and all the animals that live on it. It is time for mankind to grow out its teen years and become mature and wise enough to set the correct priorities. If we take care of our home and all that lives within it then the earth will provide us with what we need in return. Of course if we continue to ignore the problems created by our neglect and abuse of this blue planet we will sooner or later  start paying the price.

God has given us this planet to live on and we should take care of such a wonderful and rare gift so the future generations will have a place of wonder and beauty to enjoy.

Just some Tree Hugging Thoughts For The Day


Raymond Barbier

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