Call to Charity: Tornado Victims Will Need Help

MP900427741With the recent outbreak of tornadoes in yesterdays storms across the Midwest there are many people in need. With the possibility of more tornadoes from this storm system there will be a definite need for charitable contributions at the red cross. Clean water, blankets, can food and even cash donations to organizations such as the red cross will help. Getting your Church involved or volunteering to help can make a great difference. If you prefer to do it yourself please wait until the storms settle down and contact the local governments of the areas you wish to help. You must make sure it is safe to go to the town your willing to help and the local governments will help coördinate you or your church’s efforts.

MP910221024More than likely there will be many organizations and church groups participating in the relief efforts within the next day or so, when I get any new information on which groups will be participating and how to contact them I will post an update. If anyone knows of any efforts underway please tell us in a comment so those who would like to help the victims can do so.

God Bless

Raymond Barbier.

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