Random Thoughts 1-22-2018

004.jpgIf a person lives in a hobble or if they live in a palace they are no better or worse than the other. The possession of wealth, power and even education has no weight in the worth of their life or their worthiness. What makes a person great is not how much power or toys they possess, it is the riches of their heart and the compassion in their souls that is to be weighed. Some of the greatest people in history were poor and some where even uneducated compared to modern standards. Great minds come from the curiosity and strength of their desire to learn and make change in the world around them.

In the modern world we put way too much focus on superficial things as a persons looks, their charisma and their financial success. Now I give kudos to the financially successful folk, it takes a lot of hard work to get to such a level of wealth. But in the end that wealth is useless unless it is handled by one with a compassionate spirit and a forward humane mind. Far as charisma, that can be taught and copied and looks fade or can now be bough from a plastic surgeon. It’s not those gifts that matter most, though they are greatly coveted by most people. It is the ability to stand up for the unfortunate, the strength to blaze your own path and do what is right even in the face of adversity and  public disapproval. We are our brothers and sisters keeper, we are the caretakers of this beautiful and majestic world of ours.

If your brother falls from a heavy load, pick up that brother and share the load, if the river bank is covered in trash then clean it up. This world is our home and all of us are brothers and sisters of the human family. All the things we see that we believe divides us are just constructs created by our minds imagination, what does the color, religion, sex or even political party have to do with the worth of a person? Does their financial situation dictate if they are worthy of compassion or not? Too many things we tend to use as an excuse to keep us separate and keep us from taking responsibility for our lives and our actions.

Compassion, Love and understanding are three of the most important and valuable qualities found in humanity. We are a world community now, we must learn to be co-operative and understanding of one another or we will bring the downfall of our species in one way or another.


How you live your life and spend your time in it is all up to you, you can walk blindly by those in need, not listening to  those calling out for your help or you can be open-eyed and listening to the cries of others. One day it may be you on the needing end of the equation. Treat folks kindly and be a positive influence on the world we share and live in.

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