Random Thoughts 4-10-2018

In the modern world we are so bombarded by the business of life, between work and social activities we have very little down time to process it all or to recover from the onslaught of information our senses collected. Being overloaded by life we have little time to ourselves and tend to allow ourselves to become products of our environment and the situations we encounter. Dealing with all the rules of conduct and interaction  that society has put on us, we lose focus on who and what we are as an individual and become a product of modern society.  Seems people follow the crowd more so than they think for themselves or question the path they are on. Following somewhat blindly the beliefs of others without fact checking and without any sort of breaking mechanism to keep them from going to extremes.

Social codes of conduct are a must, we need some form of structure to keep our world working, but when ones persons rights or wellbeing outweighs another in the community then there is something broken within the system. When a system is designed to distribute power, wealth and necessities in a way that is completely lopsided then it is a system that ultimately is doomed.   Such systems only breed such things as elitism, prejudice and hatred amongst the classes that it creates. Many forms of social and political systems have been created and tried to create a society in which all are treated equal and some even tried to make it where all possessed equal but in the end either the government or the rich seemed to be the only ones benefitting from such.

Probably the most successful is the democratic republic style of governance that the united states uses. But there is still problems within the system due to too many unequal taxations and benefits within its laws. Seems no matter which style of government a nation has the working class carries the most weight financially, they tend to be the ones whom pay the most taxes out of their income percentage wise than any other class within the country’s social structure.

So basically no matter what style of governance a country choses and uses there is always some form of downside, maybe its due to the nature of humans  or just the fate of humanity in a whole to suffer these growing pains and the lack of equality within our societies until we grow beyond them. Well at least till we realize we all are special and not one being is above or below another. The diversity of talents and skills amongst us is what makes our species unique and has kept us alive and thriving till this day.

No job is less important than the next, it requires all positions within a company to make it successful. from the Bagger, cashier, stock person to management or from the manufacturing, assembly , shipping to management etc. If one is not there the service or product would never be finished or provided. It takes each level within a company to make the profit the owner or C.E.O. and board members seek. I think they put too much emphasis on the management far as benefits and pay and too little on the other parts of the company that actually provides the services and creates the products that brings them the profits they enjoy.  Why should a manager make say 800 a week and the guy working his tail off making the product or providing the service only make 200 to 300 dollars a week. Who is making the company more profit in the end and who is getting the most benefits from that work? The balance is off and will continue to be for that’s how it is how its been for some time. To be honest a manager should make more yes, but not 2x or 4x more, there should be a 1.25 to 1.5 to 1 ratio between the managers and workers at best. Distribute the benefits more equally and you will have workers whom feel appreciated and those kind of workers give you better service and productivity. Better the workers morale is the better it is for the company.

Well this post as random as ever, some of it which is my actual opinion and some just thoughts and views I have heard from colleagues  passed on to you  here. Some of it is just observations as well. I have no clue what is needed to be done or what has to change in our world to make it a better place, I am just putting out the questions and displaying the thoughts and beliefs of myself and some around me for all to see. I welcome all comments, suggestions and thoughts even those in opposition as long as they are not hateful, hurtful in content.

Think For yourself, be true to yourself and live to learn.

Ray Barbier







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