Random Thoughts 3-7-2022

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

War only leads to the destruction, disruption, and loss of life due to political and sociological differences. The reasons for war are infinite in the minds of those waging it, the way to avoid war is diplomacy and using a rarely used collection of things such as patience, tolerance, and understanding. There are always going to be differences of opinion, ideologies, political policies, and differences in how countries chose to govern.

Watching a Superpower such as Russia invading their neighbor Ukraine seems like a high school fight between the Quarterback on the football team and the average-sized kid who doesn’t play sports. All due to the fear of Ukraine possibly joining N.A.T.O. or possibly the EU. Considering Russias Military strength and nuclear arsenal, I can not see what Russia would have to fear, Even if The U.S. were to go to war with them the use of nuclear weapons would be off the table (I would pray). Since there are no winners in a Nuclear war.

I do believe though, the 3 superpower nations and most nations, in general, do not desire a world war or the destruction of the planet we live on along with all life. Only if world leaders could put aside their differences long enough to work together on the things they all agree on, could you imagine how much as a species humankind could achieve?

Photo by Katie Godowski on Pexels.com

I definitely dislike war and do believe there is always an alternative to war, though the parties involved would be required to be more understanding and be willing to find a compromise that is fair and balanced. The War or Military exercise as it’s been called by one side is decimating the poor civilians of Ukraine, be it intentional or unintentional they are getting caught in the crossfire.

Regardless of which side you are on or support, the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and the loss of lives on both sides militarily should be enough of an incentive to find a peaceful solution to this conflict. Human Lives are a cost that is permanent, buildings, infrastructure, etc can be replaced and rebuilt but once a person dies it is gone.

It seems the Covid Pandemic has caused much division in the world, a lot of mistrust but worse of all it has claimed too many lives and now we add deaths of civilians and military in this conflict. Though it is nice to see many coming together to aid those in Ukraine, now if we can get a cease-fire and work on a peaceful and fair resolution to it all.

Photo by Artu016bras Kokorevas on Pexels.com

I pray for peace, world stability, and the return to some form of normalcy. I desire the peaceful, harmonious, and happy co-existence of all people on earth.

Be Blessed, Be Safe and may you all find happiness and show compassion to one another

Ray Barbier

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