S.E Kentucky Suffers Bad Flooding in July 2022

Flooding In Southeast Kentucky has many residents without homes or worse, the death toll seems to be 15+ at this time, and is one of the worst flood disasters in decades. This is the time for those in surrounding areas and abroad to roll up their sleeves and pitch in to help their unfortunate neighbors. Businesses. churches, charities, and individuals can donate time and goods to help in this time of need.

Even if you’re unable to donate time you always can donate to an organization that will help the victims of the recent floods. I found this organization called Americares via FEMA, seems that they are legit and will funnel funds to help people out in disasters in the USA. link: Provide Medicine & Hope to People in Crisis (americares.org) Give it a click and help out your neighbors if you are able to.

For those who need shelter during this time, Listed below are some shelters that are in place.

Three Kentucky state parks—Jenny Wiley, Buckhorn Lane, and Pine Mountain—are open as shelters for people displaced by the severe flooding.

Breathitt County shelters: Breathitt County Courthouse
Floyd County shelters: Floyd Co Community Center
Hazard shelters: First Presbyterian Church, East Perry Elementary, West Perry Elementary, Gospel Light Baptist Church, Second Creek Church of God, Buckhorn Lake State Resort Lodge
Pike County shelters: Thacker Memorial Funeral Home, Shelby Valley High School.

My Prayers and thoughts go out to all of those affected by the flooding and may God bless us all.

Ray Barbier

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