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Todays Young person is tomorrows Elderly.


Why does it seem in America that the elderly are cast aside like an outdated iPad or unwanted pair of shoes? The elderly has so much wisdom from all the years of experience their long life has given them. They have so much to give and yet a lot of  people want to put them in rest homes and make it harder for them to have employment or a sense of purpose in life. Our Elderly is as much of a national resource if not treasure as our children are. We should show them great gratitude for the things they have done, accomplished and have lived to see in their lifetime. There are some older people who could survive in a disaster situation far better than a great part of the younger generation due to their knowledge and experience. Some are still around that lived during the depression, world war 2 and Korean war eras. They lived during times of economic struggle and learned to live off the land as well on a very limited finances. They lived without heat, air conditioning and sometimes even modern transportation. They were from the time in America that one had to have true grit to survive and a backbone to work or to find food. Not even our government seems to care about our elderly they always want to mess with Medicare, Medicaid and social security. I guess when you make the money that those in congress do you don’t have to worry about such things because your pretty well off. Just remember that those elderly people are fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters to someone out there and they have served society through out their lives. The deserve respect and have the right to dignity as well as a purpose in life. I know for the most part this is a younger persons world but if it wasn’t for the elderly we wouldn’t have the world we have or at least the achievements and technological advances anyway. The elderly are the ones they built this great nation and the many nations around the world. Some of the elderly could actually still help build the future world to come if we were to have the wisdom to allow them to take part.




“Todays Young person is tomorrows Elderly.”

Raymond Barbier