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We must refrain from action that may cause grief or harm

002  Why does society dictate that growing up and growing old means you have to stop being your true self? The fun-loving side of us and enjoyment of simple pleasures has to be put aside for the mature decision maker and hard-working citizen. Take away the parts of us that makes us individuals and that supports the creative, loving and compassionate sides of our nature. Is it because it is far easier to control someone who has little self-identity and is analytical without being imaginative? Though that is a good question I do not believe that is the case or hope it isn’t anyway. Though we may all be a part of the whole, we are also individuals and should experience life as who we were intended to be not what society says is socially acceptable. Of course we must refrain from action that may cause grief or harm to others and as long as we keep that in mind we should be who we truly are and care little about what society says is normal or acceptable. as long it isn’t illegal and if it doesn’t harm anyone than it is acceptable far as I am concerned. And far as the illegal things that you believe shouldn’t be against the law, either avoid them or become active in changing the law. That is the beauty of a democratic republic such as the united states. Any law can be changed or removed if enough people get behind it. It may take time to do such but if you really are behind the idea then its worth the time and effort.  Protesting and working within the system to create change is our governments and in our world is not only for the young. The older generation’s experience and temperance can enhance any cause or movement. No matter your age is, the welfare and the state of our world is a concern as well as your responsibility.


You are the same person now that you were when your were younger, just you have learned more and gained wisdom from your experiences along the way. The core of who and what you are is a constant and its only the filters you view the world around you with that has changed. Be who you truly are inside and cast aside your fears of not being accepted and/or liked. For there are those who don’t like you as well as those that will, that is just part of life. The only person you who must like you is you, because if you don’t like yourself it makes it harder for others to like you as well.




“The chains of illusion weaved by societies expectations bind your true potential and who you truly are.”

Raymond Barbier

Choices, Consequences, free will and Indecision.

IMG_1078fbIn this life we can either be a force for good or a force for evil. Most of us walk a thin line between the two, but eventually one side or the other we shall fall to. It is better to choose your path and stick with it than to waver between two, this is an easy way to become lost as well as confused. Though we all have to go through the middle of the road syndrome in order to make a choice of which path to follow, but to stay in the middle of a road for too long one may be ran over. Even in the bible there is a reference to  this idea .

Revelation 3:15-16: ‘I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth. “

Of course being lukewarm in this verse is referring to being a part-time Christian or one does not love god and worship him full heartedly. The bible teaches this and the fact one can only serve one master as well as a house divided upon itself shall fall. One should be one minded and walk one path as well as choose which side he will be a force for. Doubt, Fear, Indecisiveness are the enemies of us all, for they only confuse and distract one from truly living life and serving the forces they choose. For I am a firm believer in free will and believe the spiritual / religious path one walks is solely a personal decision and they have the right to believe in the way they desire. But with free will comes both a price to pay and the responsibility of who and what may have been influenced or effected by the choices made.  So always think and ponder on both  the choices before you and the consequences that surely will follow. Choose your path wisely and walk in faith, if you choose wisely then in the end you can pass away thinking or speaking the verse “2 Timothy 4:7 – I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. “ .

Until that day comes I pray that we all can walk in faith.

Matthew 7:7 “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

Walk the path you choose and beat your drum the way you like

HPIM0611  The life you live is yours to lead and is fully your own responsibility, you can ether take control and live your life the way you choose or allow others to make the choices for you. If you choose to make your own choices or not you still are responsible for the choices made and are liable for any negative results that come from the choices. Responsibility for your actions be they actions of your choice or actions created by the situation around you is fully yours.

It is better to be responsible for the choices you have made than to pay for the choices made for you by someone else. Plus you would probably make far better choices for your own self knowing that there are consequences that come along with the actions and decisions you make. I read somewhere that there are two type of people, there are those that follow and those that are born to lead. I think that is a load of hogwash, every person has it within them to be a leader and to be a follower is to rely on the judgment of others and that usually never ends well for the follower.

I myself for many years allowed others to lead me and make decisions for me only to find myself usually unhappy and paying the cost for living in that way. The problem is I can not even have anger towards those I allowed to control my life for it was my own decision to allow them to do so. So I am stuck with the consequences  from the things that I was lead into and feeling guilt for the damage done. I have recently started taking my own life into my hands and facing the wind on my own. Fully responsible for my choices and proud to fail as well as succeed as an individual. I follow my own path and dance to the beat of my own drum for now on.

Do I always make the right choice? no. But at least when I do make a mistake it is my own and it came from my own choice not a reflection of someone else’s  choice for me or from a perception of what I think others want me to be or do.Where I will end up in the end and if I am happy or not is now in my hands and not one person can or will choose that for me again.

Be a leader of your own life, and cast off the chains of societies ideal of what you are supposed to be. Choose to be the best of who you are regardless of what others try to say you should do or be. Walk the path you choose and beat your drum the way you like. For it is your life to live not anyone else’s.


Well that’s my thoughts on this subject anyway.

May peace be your comforter and love be your guide

Raymond Barbier