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Think outside the box, Swim against the tide

Think outside the box, push the boundaries set by society and be the creative force you were born to be. Einstein, Edison and Tesla are some of the greatest minds known in recent history. What made them such Geniuses and creative forces? Mainly the fact they thought outside the known boundaries of logic and science. They pushed the envelope and did not get held back by the main stream scientific views of the time. Many times in our past we have had so-called truths and facts in the scientific community that if accepted and not challenged would have kept us as a species in the dark ages. Look how at one time we believed the world was flat and that the universe rotated around earth. Both ideals were so strongly believed that until a few great thinkers dared to think outside the box and beyond the borders set by their society and time to see that both were not factual at all.

It is mans ability to be imaginative as well as creative that gives him the ability to reach higher and go farther than any other species that is on this planet. Our tendency to be tribal and our unique skill of language that gives us the potential of doing such great and wondrous things. But our Societal / collective mentality can sometimes be a burden because of the cultural belief system and the boundaries it sets. Individuality is a good thing when it comes to creativity and imagination. It is hard to break away from the herd or tribal mentality, it usually comes with some ridicule along with the possibility of being looked at as a outcast. If you don’t adhere to the norm of society then you will not be accepted, but then if you discover new truths and are able to introduce them to the tribe then you will be hailed as a sort of leader. But then being accepted by ones peers may be nice it is nothing but food for the ego, and though the ego is a necessary part of ones psyche it is not the most important.

Think outside the box, Swim against the tide and walk to the beat of your own drum. Be the next Tesla,Einstein or Edison and bring light to the hidden truths and facts yet to be discovered. Debunk the false truths as well as the theories that are based on misconceptions. Utilize the full potential of what you were born with and become the person you were destined to be.

Raymond Barbier