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Just some thoughts on U.F.O./U.A.P. and E.T.s

I always thought as a child that there was more out in the universe than just us humans far as life is concerned. I was an avid believer in UFOs / UAPs as well as a child. As I grew older I of course kind of put away such things as believing in little green men or at least I stopped thinking about that subject. Now as I am getting up in age my mind has begun contemplating the idea once again.

My way of looking at it is that with such a vast universe, having only 1 small blue planet with sentient life would be such a waste of space, and also believing we are the only intelligent life forms in the said universe is a tad bit arrogant. Far as the ancient alien theory goes, I do not totally subscribe to the notion that humans are so helpless they could not build anything on a grand scale like the pyramids. There is no reason for me to believe that we required help from some extraterrestrial source to build or achieve what we had in history.

I can not rule out the possibility that there was some influence or help from an extraterrestrial race, but I have not seen anything that proves to me that there was at this time. Sure some of the things humans have done in the past can be a bit perplexing due to the known technology that ancient people possessed during the time of such megalithic builds like the Egyptian pyramids. I believe we do not possess all the knowledge of what technologies and techniques the ancient humans may have had, I believe we just have a general idea of what they may have had.

I believe as we discover new technology and further our scientific knowledge we may discover how humans achieved what they did back in history. We also may discover life outside of our solar system and maybe even outside our spiral galaxy. Some want to think if there are other living beings out there in the universe that somehow would cause conflict with the religious community and their belief systems.

From one Christian’s point of view, I have not found anywhere in the bible where it says that there are no others in the universe, nor have I found where it had anything in it saying that there are others either. I just do not see what difference it would make if God were to have more than just one planet he created life on. Some may disagree with my opinion concerning this, but I still feel it is quite arrogant to think we are the only ones in the universe.

Now that the U.S. Government released videos containing what they call UAPs, it at least gives some credibility to the subject. You tie that together with the privatization of space exploration, we may see more money being available for scientific research of UFOs/UAPs and related subjects. Maybe the age-old stigma associated with UFO sightings and so on will be finally put behind us.

There are so many possibilities for the origins of the UAPs in the Videos released to the public. They could be extraterrestrial, Interdimensional, time travelers, or possibly even from earth. Experimental technologies of one nation or another, that either our government wishes not to disclose or is not yet aware of. The origin and purpose of the UAPs has yet to be determined or yet to be revealed to the public. One last possibility is that it is no more than a missinformation camaign by our governmet.

Just some thoughts on the subject from a average person, and just what was on my mind at the time.

Blessings and peace to all

Random Thoughts 10-1-2015

I was just sitting here thinking back to my youth and how I was so into the possibilities of UFO’s, Extraterrestrial life and the mysteries of the unknown. So many people were criticized, chastised and made fun of that believed they encountered any of that stuff. Scientists mocked any fellow scientist that would even think about doing research or had any interest in such things. The attitude hasn’t changed much through the decades, if you claimed to see a UFO or that you’ve had an encounter with an ET your looked upon as someone who is either crazy or someone on drugs who had a bad hallucination. The funny thing is considering who vast and how old our universe is, it would be quite vain to believe we are the only intelligent life forms  in it.  Do I think that aliens may have visited earth? well I believe it’s a remote possibility, considering they could be light years ahead of us technologically, who is to say they didn’t spot our planet and seen it had life from light years away.  Even though with the knowledge and technology mankind has today we do not know of any way for them to travel here in a timely manner, we do have some theories that make it a possibility. They may have discovered ways of travel that we haven’t even dreamt of as of yet. Would they abduct humans to study etc., of course they would look at us probably as we do animals or primates, lesser species with limited intellect. They probably would see our potential as well as are unfortunate habit for being a self-destructive species. So I would gather they would try to avoid becoming to involved with us.

Now science has found that the Goldilocks zone for inhabitable planets is more common than they once believed and they have discovered quite a few planets that are within that zone, it leads us to question if there is other civilizations of intelligent beings out there in the universe.  Well I guess until a UFO either lands on the white house lawn in full view for all to see or something as spectacular, we will only have speculation and theory to ponder on. Either way it is kind of nice to dream a bit about such possibilities and ponder on how our lives would change if they became reality.


Well there you go, some really random and out there thoughts.

Raymond Barbier

Random Thoughts 10-1-2015 was originally published on RJB Networks