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A heart that is full of kindness and love.

024_thumb.jpgBeing our life is as a drop of water in the ocean of time we should cherish each moment in time. We should be true to ourselves and be full of peace, compassion,understanding and unconditional love. We should walk which ever path we choose with dignity and we should not condemn nor disrespect the paths others have chosen to walk. We should live in the now, remember the lessons of our past and be hopeful for the future.

Though we are individuals we must remember to aim for the good of the whole. We should walk through life with a gentle smile on our faces and with a heart that is full of kindness and love. We should refrain from anger and never give in to such things as hatred and fear. We should always remember that just like ourselves others are plagued by the sorrows and troubles of being human. If we remember this we shall find it easy to have compassion.

We should embrace them but only for the moment they exist.

097 Truth can be com from the mouths of babes, fools, your allies as well as the mouths of your enemies. Wisdom can be found in observation of all things around you and within you.  Emotions such as anger, fear, self-pity and arrogance seem to cloud ones mind from truth and wisdom as well as shut down the logical part of the mind. Rarely does one find truth or wisdom while experiencing the negative emotions. Too much of a positive emotion also can distract one from the truth around them. We should avoid negative emotions and thoughts as much as we can but we also should keep all emotions tempered for too much of a good thing can be bad. I am not saying don’t be happy, I am just saying don’t allow your happiness to distract you from your life path. Strange thing about emotions both the negative and positive is they can be like drugs, they can become addictive. This would cause our focus to be on the emotion we seek and not on the path we walk. Emotions are good and have many purposes that they fulfill in our lives, we should embrace them but only for the moment they exist. We should never allow ourselves to become obsessed with or addicted to them.

“If the grass seems greener on the other side of the fence, Then you must have not cared for your own lawn.”

Raymond Barbier
A fool seeking to be a sage