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To Govern or to play Political Games?

IMG_1077 Too much politics and not enough creative thinking in congress, they rather focus on the differences between their political parties and the upcoming elections than on finding solutions to the problems at hand. The lack of the ability to compromise for the common good in congress wastes both the taxpayers money and time. The longer they play these political games the worse our nations problems will grow.  The congress seems too focused on the upcoming elections and their parties agendas that they can not find any true solutions to our national debt or the declining economy. Maybe if they would put as much effort into fixing the problems at hand as they do the propaganda and political spin they spew out to the media they might be able to work together to find a solution.

The immaturity the congress is displaying along with their inability to co-operate will not only allow our nation to slip into ruin but it also will tarnish this great nations global reputation. We are supposed to be a guiding light and the shining example for the world to follow, but how our government is in chaos due to the political games being played we will not be able to be such a guiding light. For a house that is divided upon itself surely will fall, so we need to get our house in order before it falls.

So congress, you can either keep playing your political games and bring this nation to its knees or work together and fix the problems at hand. The choice is solely yours to either govern or to play political games. Either way you will be responsible for the choices made as well as the results. For We the People have given you the power through the elections and now we place the responsibility upon your shoulders.

God Grant them the wisdom to see the error of their ways.
Raymond Barbier

Just a Monday night Political Rant

Paul Jacob, during oral arguments of U.S. Term...

We allow greed, fear and the lust for power to be more important than community, family and common sense. We seem content in leaving the great decisions such as which freedoms are to be had as well as which freedoms are withheld from us. We complain endlessly about how ineffective our governments are yet we continue to vote for the same candidates over and over again.

We seem to have become apathetic and we seem unwilling to be a part of change. We all seem more into letting things stay the same or get worse than to stand up and get our voices heard in Washington. We allow news agencies to shape our opinions instead of seeking out the facts and making our own. We are like a nation of sleeping people who needs to wake up before it is too late. Many nations have walked this path and many of them are waking up to reality and are in turmoil due to the fact they slept too long.

Wake up America and seek out the truth about our congress and the capital hill gang. They are out of touch with what is really important. I don’t know if they are ignoring the people the represent or if the people are just not expressing their selves enough to get them to listen. But if enough people shout they will have to listen or they will be voted out next term. That’s the reality of politics and one of the good parts of our nations political system.

I believe that both the house representatives and senators have been in office too long. There should be term limits on congressional seats so there can be fresh blood and ideas flowing through each term. I also believe that their pay should be based on performance so they will work harder for the people who elected them as well as pay their paychecks. I also thing that there should be more regulations on the lobbyist. Laws that are brought up  should be simplified and have no ear marks or hidden clauses. We don’t need a 3000 page law. If the congress does not read the full thing then it should not be allowed to be voted on or passed.


Okay enough ranting for now
Raymond Barbier