Happiness in the news


 The key to a long life is happiness, according to research being happy will keep you healthy. Well that is not anything new just a different view of a similar fact. They already been pushing how depression and stress causes physical problems such as chronic illness. So now they throw a new spin on it and approach it on a more positive note. Now don’t get me wrong, I actually support the new approach. Being happy is a lot easier than trying not to be stressed and depressed. Kind of like the new idea that you can eat all you want but you have to eat responsibly is allot better than the old way of starving yourself and causing malnutrition.

  I guess its allot easier to start something new than trying to quit an old habit. Replace one bad habit with another, hopefully replace it with a better habit if you are lucky. And I know there is someone reading this thinking oh yeah if it were only that simple.
How are you to know if you don’t try it? Just kill an idea before you even research its possibilities.


Thought of the day:
 One of the greatest enemies of self improvement is self doubt.

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