Miracle of life

To look in the eyes of a expecting mother is to see the meaning of life. To look in the eyes of a child is to see the value of our youth.
To look in the eyes of a teenager is to see the folly of our hearts.
To look in the eyes of an adult is to see the paranoia of our minds.
To look into the eyes of a elder is to see the wisdom of mankind.
But to look in the eyes of a baby is to see the miracle of life.

One thought on “Miracle of life”

  1. To paraphrase Sade’s views on life: We’re born, we eat, we shit, we fuck, we kill and then when we die.

    My own view on the miracle of life: Picture some blocked sewer, blocked with used tampons toilet paper and shit, and some rats fucking on this disgusting pile-up. The rats will breed and their descendants will procreate in similar places. This will probably go on for ever, give or take; THAT IS THE MIRACLE OF LIFE.

    lOVE AND HUGS, HANDSOME PADDY xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

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