One Lifetime

We all are granted the precious gift of life. One life on the one planet known to support life. And in this lifetime we have a chance to find peace and love within ourselves and in the world around us. Even if you believe in reincarnation you still have only one chance for love and peace within this lifetime. Why put off finding the two things that make life wonderful until your next life if you have a chance to find it in this one. There are so many teachers, philosophers and sages that we can follow towards these keys of life but in the end you are your own greatest teacher. And one way that may work for one may not work for another due to we are all different in many ways.
  Richard Bach and Dan Millman are two sages I respect and I have adopted many of their philosophies and beliefs, but still I have my own philosophies and I am learning my own way as I travel the path of life. On the matter of religions I am Christian but I respect and learn from the numerous religions, philosophies and beliefs. I will not say one religion is better from the other due to the fact I have no right to choose the beliefs of others. I only have the right to choose my beliefs and to choose my path in life. Regardless of which religion you choose the wisdom within their teachings are still wisdom and the diversity of the human race and their cultures make us who we are. 

R. Barbier –

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