Love Even Harder Than you Work

  Sometimes we get lost in our busy lives we live. We seem to forget the things that make life worth while.
Little things like a smile on someone we love or a simple hug from a friend. We start working our lives away to make things better for ourselves and the ones we love, but then we get trapped in the cycle and forget about the reason why we started working so hard in the first place. All the money in the world can not make someone love you. Yes it
can get you someone who you think loves you, but that person will love your money not you. The people you love and
who love you are there for you through thick and thin, rich and poor and will love you unconditionally. If not then their
love may be shallow and conditional. I am not going to try and say what love is, it is one of those age old questions that have a ever changing definition.

  Work hard to make life a better thing for you and those you love. Love even harder than you work so life will  be better for those you love. Life here on earth is not forever so we need to live life with all the love and understanding we can muster. See each day as a new beginning and another chance to make those we love happy.
Forgive not only the mistakes of others, also forgive the mistakes you have made and learn from those mistakes.
Always remember that the love we give and receive is a far greater treasure than gold or silver.

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