Thoughts About Depression


  Depression is one of the great enemies of life. Of course it is a natural process in dealing with grief. But it is only supposed to be a short lived release of sadness. In this day and time depression has put a death grip on a large part of the populous. Depression does not only cause a type of mental and emotional paralysis it also can cause many health issues such as weakening of the  immune system and constant pain in the body.

 There are pharmaceutical solutions to depression but in treating the symptoms they seem to miss the cause sometimes. Those who have depression due to chemical imbalances the drug therapy is a viable solution. Some people are depressed due to events that happened in their life, sometimes events they don’t even remember. Drugs may numb them of the symptoms to a degree but it doesn’t fix the problem.

 Therapist can help some who face depression and that is only if the person who is depressed is ready and or willing to face the problems within. Some people are depressed and do not even know it. For years I have been suffering on and off from depression and until the last 5 years I didn’t even know that I was. Problem with depression is that it manifests itself in many different forms. Even Psychologist miss the signs of depression and even diagnose depression as other mental illnesses.

 Now days a lot of research has gone into how diet and environment effects the mental and physical well being of mankind. So here is another possibility in the ever growing list of things that may cause depression. Maybe one day we will find a quick fix for depression, but till then I guess we have to keep delving into our past to seek out what event that may have triggered the depression. If you are lucky enough to find the event/Chain of events that started the depression just remember forgiveness is divine and is a path to healing.

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