When we are young we take for granted that the friends we make then will always be in our lives. Some will survive the test of time and some will fade away. Or in my case they all will be left behind. Though I have made a few good friends since I moved away from Overland Missouri as a teen, None have been as close or as dear as those I had to leave behind. The older I get the more I miss the friends I had and wish I could have kept in touch with them.

 Friendship is a form of extended family, Like brothers and sisters they are a part of your everyday life. Unlike brothers and sisters you got to choose which friends you had/have. Sometimes friends are even closer to you than your own family. Bonded by experiences you’ve shared together and the compatibility of your personalities. Friends help each other through life and good friends stick with you through all the trials in life you may face.

My friends that I have lost due to the move
(from School – Armbruster Vocational Prep & Ritenour Jr. High)

Lisa Miller, Cathy Althaus, Stephanie Curley, Ginger Parrish ,Mark Sides, Billy Palmer, Jim Derricks, Ed Delfert, Steve Heafner, Deanna Begley, Bev Groves, John Carver, Jerry Pyle and many more.

Friends that I lost due to their Deaths.

Thomas Roll, Bill Northcut, Dennis Scott Rice, Lance of overland Missouri. (forgot his last name.)  R.I.P.

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