The people vs. The Bush Administration.


 It is no surprise that the current administration in Washington D.C. is not paying much attention to the cries coming from the American people. It seems that the working class which makes up the majority or the citizens in the U.S. are being either ignored or put aside. Between the businesses outsourcing to other countries and the lack of true regulation on healthcare and insurance , the working class person is under fire. Seems big business and major industry is the only concern in Washington until election time when allot of empty promises are made only to be forgotten or broken later.

 This current administration seems to be determined to keep us at war and take away rights with the patriot act. Though the patriot act may make it easier to track and watch terrorists it also removes a few rights of Americans. Far as the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Bush did not know nor did the C.I.A. if Iraq did or didn’t have any yet. They were just taking a gamble in order to get support and funding for the war effort spawned by bush and his administration. Yes, Suddam may have had or was in the process of trying to obtain WMD’s but we didn’t have a shred of evidence.

 So misinformation, Smoke and mirrors plays a big part in the current administration. Terrorism is a real threat to not only the U.S. but to the whole world. I just want to know where are all the U.N. peacekeepers and N.A.T.O. Boys in Iraq? If this world is supposed to be so concerned with the outcome in Iraq then why isn’t their more countries helping the Iraq government to get established and secure. Iraq’s present condition may be a result of the U.S. invasion but the insurgence is also a big reason why it has grown so dire.

  So hard to say bring the troops home out of Iraq and leave the Iraqis
to the slaughter. So hard to say stay in Iraq and watch our soldiers die one by one. It is a very complicated issue for sure. And I wonder if when will we pull out of Afghanistan. You do not hear much on Afghanistan in the news and you never hear any politician say lets bring them home from Afghanistan, at least I haven’t yet.

 There has to be a solution to the middle east issue and I am pretty sure it should not only be a U.S. problem. It should be a problem for the whole world to face and solve. For what happens in Iraq will effect not only the middle east but the whole world.

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