Family and Friends

 Family and friends not only influence what we are they are a great part of our lives. They are there to balance out our lives, to keep us in check and help us through the times we think are impossible to survive. They also help us celebrate when times are good. We don’t always like what they have to say or the things they do but we always love them for who they are. Some of them we learn to despise and mistrust and that is a shame for every friend and family member we have belong in our lives. Sometimes even a negative influence brings forth a positive result.

 Our family we may not get to choose, but to lose even the worst member of the family is to lose a part of our souls. Friends we may choose but still in a way I believe even friends are something that may be destined more than chosen. Either way they are like an extension of our family. It is better to live with family and friends all around than to live life all alone. I find my self much happier when I am surrounded by those whom I love and have befriended. Family and friends may move apart or even grow apart but I believe that friends and family are always that no matter what happens .

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