Savannah , GA. & Tybee Island

Well just got back from Savannah GA. & Tybee Island, Was a pretty good week and allot of fun on the beach. Unfortunately its Jelly fish season so had to deal with a few stings. Places to Eat in Savannah : Churchill’s English Pub – Good eats and fair prices for savannah, had a very good atmosphere and a Bar crafted by the same person that did the bar in the T.v. show Cheers.
McPherson’s Scottish Pub – Another good place to get some Scottish food along with some American food. Prices are pretty good and loved the atmosphere.
Dizzy Deans Chicken – The atmosphere was not the best but the prices were real economical for savannah and has good food. I would suggest this place for go orders or during cooler seasons due to the lack of air conditioning.

Place not to eat is : The Lady and sons, a Paula Deen Restaurant. you may know her and her sons from food network.  Only true southern style cooking is their buffet which consists of fried chicken, Mac & cheese & brussle sprouts for around 19$, And you can have a Chicken pot Pie for about 20 Dollars. Don’t know what disappointed me more, the hour and a half waiting in line just to get a reservation or the fact they said 3:30 was when they started taking reservations and they didn’t start till 4pm. after the wait in line I was told it would be 9:30pm before I could eat so between a little bit high prices and long wait I chose to skip this restaurant. Paula may be a wonderful chef and so are her sons, I think she needs to improve on her restaurant service a bit.

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  1. I agree with you about Paula Dean’s Lady and Sons restaurant. The food is okay but the long lines and high prices don’t make up for all the hype. Being a Savannah guide, I always recommend Mrs Wilkes’ on Jones Street – they were serving great southern food to Savannah visitors long before Paula was even born. Since the Lady and Sons opened a few years back, traffic to Mrs Wilkes’ has fallen off – although it once was the number one eating establishment in the city for tourists. That isn’t a bad thing though – the lines are not as long and customers don’t feel rushed to vacate their tables. The service is boarding house style or family style as we call in the South. Large tables occupy the dining rooms and if your party is not large enough to fill all the seats, strangers will be seated with you – sort of like dining on a cruise ship. Huge bowls and platters of food are passed around the table until everyone has had their fill. Don’t worry about variety, you will have several meat dishes along with around 10 vegetable dishes, rolls, biscuits, and desert. After the food has been consumed, guests are then asked to take their dirty plates to the kitchen. Although this dining style may sound uncomfortable, it is a real blast and travelers to our city can get to know some of the locals this way – locals make up the majority of the customers. Did I mention that the food is really outstanding? I love Southern food and this is the best I have ever eaten! You will not be disappointed.
    There is one thing to be aware of before visiting Mrs Wilkes’ – they don’t accept credit cards – just cash and checks – even out of town checks! Mrs Wilkes’ is only open for lunch and is closed on weekends. The price is about the same as Lady and Sons but the food, atmosphere, and experience of Mrs Wilkes’ has it beat – hands down!
    You can check out some of my other Savannah travel recommendations at

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