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Where i went on vacation and areas i have visted, will have reseraunt reviews in them

Savannah , GA. & Tybee Island

Well just got back from Savannah GA. & Tybee Island, Was a pretty good week and allot of fun on the beach. Unfortunately its Jelly fish season so had to deal with a few stings. Places to Eat in Savannah : Churchill’s English Pub – Good eats and fair prices for savannah, had a very good atmosphere and a Bar crafted by the same person that did the bar in the T.v. show Cheers.
McPherson’s Scottish Pub – Another good place to get some Scottish food along with some American food. Prices are pretty good and loved the atmosphere.
Dizzy Deans Chicken – The atmosphere was not the best but the prices were real economical for savannah and has good food. I would suggest this place for go orders or during cooler seasons due to the lack of air conditioning.

Place not to eat is : The Lady and sons, a Paula Deen Restaurant. you may know her and her sons from food network.  Only true southern style cooking is their buffet which consists of fried chicken, Mac & cheese & brussle sprouts for around 19$, And you can have a Chicken pot Pie for about 20 Dollars. Don’t know what disappointed me more, the hour and a half waiting in line just to get a reservation or the fact they said 3:30 was when they started taking reservations and they didn’t start till 4pm. after the wait in line I was told it would be 9:30pm before I could eat so between a little bit high prices and long wait I chose to skip this restaurant. Paula may be a wonderful chef and so are her sons, I think she needs to improve on her restaurant service a bit.