The Evolution of a Journey Through Life

  I stand alone, Facing the morning and traveling into the night.
Others may walk beside me but to them i am but a piece of the scenery.
We all stand alone in the light of the day and through the darkness of the night.
Even in a crowded street we are alone in our journey through life.

  Once and a while we may stop and be one with the rest of the travelers.
Sharing thoughts and ideas with each other until we go back out on our journey.
Each persons journey through life is his or her own to take.
Each choice and decision is their own to make

  Sometimes you may be fortunate and have a companion who travels a similar path.
Those of us who are lucky enough to have such a blessing should enjoy it while it lasts.
Because eventually their path will fork off and we will be once again alone on our Journey.
Embrace the love you are given and return the love to all that you are fortunate to travel with.

Though I travel alone, I travel with all of creation towards the light that awaits us all.
The illusion of being alone fades to show me that we all travel through life together.
We all travel towards the light blinded by the darkness behind us and the loneliness is but our
desire to be one with all creation.

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