To Kenvir and Back

Yesterday I took a ride to kenvir and back on my mountain bike, Only to find how little room there is in some areas to be riding a bike here in Harlan County Kentucky. The 8 Mile Round Trip Bike Ride was quite enjoyable besides some of the dangerous sections on the road i had to ride in order to do it. I know Bike riding is not the hot sport for this area its all A.T.V. / 4 wheelers here and sure they can ride and rarely get hit by traffic but on a bike its a bit more dangerous.
  Luckily most of the motorist on my trip were quite courteous and gave wide birth when able to me and my bike. I think there should be a state wide effort in making a safe bicycle and walking/Sidewalk areas in Kentucky. Really Bicycling is also a adventure sport to a degree and is far more beneficial to the health of the citizens of Kentucky.

Well I guess that I will do my best not to get hit by a car or coal truck until someone in the state government or higher sees the benefit of safe bicycle and pedestrian walk paths here in Kentucky.


Till next time

Peace.. Ray Barbier

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