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Bicycling from Evarts To Harlan

  Seems Times don’t Change Much, Just like back when i was a teen in the 80’s people still harass and throw pop bottles at Bicyclists on the road. You would think we would be past that intellectually as a species. Well besides The 2 Incidents on My Bicycle Ride it was quit Pleasant yet slightly Challenging on the return trip due to it being all up hill. A total of 20 Miles which is not very challenging for a avid Bicycler but for a 42 year old who isn’t in great shape quite a challenge on his muscles.

Even though i had 1 individual in a red Chevy mess with me on the trip I would say the majority of the people in the area hold up to their reputation as good and courteous Mountain folk. So if you are into ATV’s or Bicycling Then Evart/Harlan Kentucky is the Place to Visit. And if you are in need of a Cabin Then Stop By Buddy’s Chevron in Evarts They Will Hook you up.


Till The Next Time


R. Barbier

To Kenvir and Back

Yesterday I took a ride to kenvir and back on my mountain bike, Only to find how little room there is in some areas to be riding a bike here in Harlan County Kentucky. The 8 Mile Round Trip Bike Ride was quite enjoyable besides some of the dangerous sections on the road i had to ride in order to do it. I know Bike riding is not the hot sport for this area its all A.T.V. / 4 wheelers here and sure they can ride and rarely get hit by traffic but on a bike its a bit more dangerous.
  Luckily most of the motorist on my trip were quite courteous and gave wide birth when able to me and my bike. I think there should be a state wide effort in making a safe bicycle and walking/Sidewalk areas in Kentucky. Really Bicycling is also a adventure sport to a degree and is far more beneficial to the health of the citizens of Kentucky.

Well I guess that I will do my best not to get hit by a car or coal truck until someone in the state government or higher sees the benefit of safe bicycle and pedestrian walk paths here in Kentucky.


Till next time

Peace.. Ray Barbier

Bicycle Trails / Paths in Kentucky – Maps


Found an Interactive Map that Shows Bicycle routes for Kentucky,
Figured I would Share This Information with my fellow Bike Riders
Here in KY. Just Click The Link and Enjoy

Bike Tour Map
Other Maps That you Can Access For KY.


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Ray Barbier