They work for us

  The air is full of chill and yet spring has arrived. The news people are jabbering about politics as usual,
debating the next bill that will either save the day or bring us doom.  Republicans claiming democrats spend
more when they all spend money that isn’t really theirs. They work for us down on main street but seem to serve
the big corporations and greed. When a congressman/woman makes more in one year then allot of us do in a lifetime
there seems to be something wrong. Why is it only a select few live high and clear of poverty and have great health
care plans while those who do the hard work seem to do without or pay high costs to have health care? Living on
minimum wage is impossible if you have to pay bills and eat.  I know life isn’t meant to be fair but it should be a bit
less unbalanced. I believe healthcare should be affordable to the poverty class and so should food. And far as welfare
and food stamps its next to impossible to get them if you have a job and are trying to better yourself. 

Do not get me wrong the Aid available for those in need is a good system though i see allot of abuse of it and allot of
people struggling to get by just because the work a job that may give them a few too many hours work to qualify for
help. Luckily at this time in my life i am not in need of such benefits other than it would be nice to have a health card or
something since i am only part time at my job and the insurance we can get is only accidental not health or dental.

Well until the next post

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