Fear, The Mind Killer

Quoting an old sci-fi movie Dune “Fear is the Mind Killer” And that is a very true quote.
If you allow fear to take control of your life you are unable to live a full life. Fear having its place and uses is not something we are made to experience daily. It is only meant to be experienced in time of true physical danger. You must realize most thing we fear is more and likely not going to manifest in our lives unless we cause them to.  To fear the unknown may be a common fear amongst humans but it is not beneficial. To fear the worst is to limit your potential for growth and for happiness. Fear clouds the mind and keeps one unfocused along with the physical damage fear can cause if one is in constant fear.

Usually what we fear never happens and if it for some reason it does its usually not as bad as we had thought it would be in the end. We must hold on to hope and let go of our fears. For hope brings a brighter future as fear keeps us from being a part of that future.

Well enough Rambling for now.


Verum Peto

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