Extra Terrestrials – Fact or Science Fiction

Extra Terrestrials are a favorite for Sci-Fi movies, books and other media. To have claimed to see one or being abducted by one is taboo and most who have claimed so are ridiculed or looked upon as mentally unstable. Of course with no actual contact proven to be authentic and little if no evidence of their actual existence we are to assume they are not fact. Now putting away the normal procedures of proof makes fact we move on to the chances of Extra terrestrials existing. Considering the amount of star just visible from our little blue planet called earth and how many planets that could be in orbit around these stars along with the very low chance of each star having a planet in the habitable zone it still leaves a good chance for another planet similar to earth. Though the conditions would have to be perfect for life to appear on such a planet but then you would think at least a few would have the right environment for life.

So one must conclude there should be at least a slight chance of life developing on another planet out there somewhere. According to scientists the milky way is one of the younger galaxies in the universe so there is also a chance that there could be intelligent life out there that probably be a bit more if not significantly more technologically advanced than us earthlings. More and likely if such a civilization existed they would be on a planet in another galaxy and probably too far away from us to visit unless they discovered a way to fold space or use worm holes. The present scientific beliefs would make one believe that such things are unlikely. But then we used to think the earth was flat and that earth was the center of the universe. As time and science progress we may find ways of traveling great distances in a instant. The worse case scenario is that any extra terrestrial would be no more than microbial life forms or some form of wildlife.


Verum Peto

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