Whale Hunting

Whales, Such majestic sea creatures are still hunted for so called research by Japanese fisherman in the Antarctic. Even the protected hump back whale is a target of their deadly harpoon. What kind of research would require so many whales to be slaughtered I ask. Why don’t the governments that help enact the ban on killing of hump back whales do anything about this? I guess they don’t due to some economical or political reason.

  The only thing us ordinary people can do in order to send a message to Japan is to boycott all Japanese products. if we stop buying Japanese products it will hit them where it hurts. And for those out there with resources and the guts to do something more along the activist end you could always join Greenpeace or the Sea Sheppards (The folks from whale wars on animal planet).

  It is such a shame that such a technological advanced world as ours allows such a terrible and brutal practice such as whale hunting to continue.

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