I learn from life and from all I see.

There is those of us who seem to be on a never ending quest in search of some magical moment or a certain perfect person being a lover, teacher or just a familiar soul. Some of us are actually are trying to find ourselves. I always loved that line I am trying to find myself, though it sounds a bit campy it is actually a very legitimate quest. To find who you really are and what you really are. Some of us go through are whole life never knowing where we fit in the scheme of life and of the universe. I being one of those who still hasn’t found the path or the meaning of my life.

  Though I have came to the conclusion the magical moment is now and the teacher i sought was both life and my own self. And lovers come and go and sometimes even stay but a familiar soul is rare to find. The quest for knowing where i belong and how i fit in the scheme of life and the universe is a quest that is still on going. So I live in the magical moment of now as best as I am able, I Learn from life and from all that i see.


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