We are the sheppards, custodians and or guardians of this world

  Mankind is always at a fork in the road so to speak. We seem to always be faced with the decision of either going the road of the selfish idea man is supreme and all life is ours to use and dispose of or the more humble path that man is a caretaker of all life and should  preserve  the home we called earth. Material wealth vs.. Ecosystem health is the  to issues at hand. Man seems to adapt his environment to suit his needs even at the cost of the environment instead of adapting to the environment like most living species on earth. This is what makes man unique but it also makes man a possible threat to his home and to his own survival. If mankind does not find a eco friendly way to exist here on this wonderful planet earth, we may not have the earth as a home for long.

Being that we are the most intelligent bipedal species with opposable thumbs to aid us in tool use and are the only species on this planet able to affect it on a grand scale both positively and negatively then it falls upon us to take care of the planet and all its inhabitants. We are the sheppards, custodians and or guardians of this world and should face up to our responsibilities. We should try to keep the population of species that we use for food at high levels so not to cause the extinction of those species and our own in the end.

  The choice is before us and which way we choose will impact not only the planet but all species upon it including man. So hopefully we will choose to play the Sheppard, custodian and or guardian instead of  watching it all die away before us. The good news it is never too late to try and mend earths wounds and stop the damage from reoccurring. Planet earth will heal eventually and if we choose the right path we will be here to live in it when it does.

For those who are skeptical about global warming just look at the ice caps, the severe weather,  and the earth quakes (one actually changed the earths axis slightly) . Some are natural occurrences from the earth’s normal cycles and the suns but there is a pattern developing that is not showing any sign of getting better. Maybe I am wrong and if so then I would be very happy to be so. Only time will tell unless we start taking care of our planet and our fellow living creatures.

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