The Choice is Yours

To be a custodian of earth and its inhabitants is one of the many roles man must play. You ask how can 1 person make any difference? Well you can feed the hungry stray cat or dog, plant trees or just reduce your carbon footprint. If others see you doing so then they may follow. I have seen it in my own life. I happen to feed a dozen stray cats at my job daily. Others seen me doing so and now at least 6 people help feed these cats that would probably starve or die from malnutrition. This shows that man as a species seem to follow the examples of their own kind. Generosity and compassion is contagious and so is knowledge if shared. One person can not do it all nor save every animal plant and living thing. So do not try to save them all, just save those that you can. To repair our home will take the effort of everyone not just the government and industries.

  Choose your battles and win one at a time and never get discouraged, Every little effort makes a change no matter how small.One voice, one action or one thought can spark a wave of change. Don’t expect the governments to make the change or to do the work, rely on the real people you are around every day. Teach those you can of how important our home earth is and how they can help too. The choice is yours, so choose wisely.

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