Happiness and Self Esteem

The origin of happiness is within ones own self, No external force can take away nor bring one happiness. Some feel happiness when they acquire possessions and or wealth. This is really an illusion, the possession of items and wealth makes one feel secure and also successful so that gets transferred to your self esteem which then boosts your happiness. This of course is temporary due to the fact possessions and wealth both fluctuate and change through time. Some believe that having a life partner brings them their happiness but this too is an illusion. Having some one who gives you love and support boosts the ego / self esteem and once again can either fade or be lost. The illusion of happiness from these things is that they bring the happiness when in fact its your own mind that makes the happiness they just trigger it. To be happy one must first decide to be happy and then realize happiness is a self created state of mind. You are the source for your own happiness and your own peace of mind. Self esteem and self image are two main factors that effect happiness and so is your perception of your environment. Also how you are programmed to respond to situations and your environment also can play a big part on regulating your happiness. Luckily you can always change your self image,Self esteem and your how you respond.

I have observed that people who take life and everything too seriously seem to have a lower happiness level than say a care free individual that just makes the best of all situations. Also those who tend to take everything personally and who allow other peoples opinions affect their self image have the lowest happiness levels. So theoretically if you don’t care what others think of you and you take every thing in stride then you should be a happier person. And for the most part that seems to be true from what I have observed and experienced.

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