I Stand,I Walk and I Live.

I stand alone against the very persistent tide of time. As years pass I feel my vitality slip away. I stand alone in this world that is full of hate, greed and little hope. I struggle to keep myself  free of the hate and greed but it is so easy to fall into those traps. I walk alone on my path of peace in a world of turmoil. But I am no different than any other person, we all stand alone against time on the path we have chose to walk. Alone but surrounded by others, separate but a part of the whole. Individual but also a part of the collective consciousness. Pursued by fear and grasping onto hope while seeking understanding.

I stand in a crowd and walk a path others walk upon. Facing time down like all those before me and those who shall follow. I am a part of all creation from the smallest to the greatest. My body is made of stardust like all physical things. My mind is a reflection of the collective consciousness and my heart seek out love,peace and understanding. I Stand, I walk  and I live.

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