Ramblings on Change and Energy

All change begins with yourself. For instance if we are to ever get America to be more energy efficient and use more green energy technologies then we have to start home. Though most of us may not be able to afford solar panels to power our homes we can afford to use the more efficient florescent light bulbs and energy star appliances. We also can use a heat pump instead of a energy hogging furnace and air conditioner. We also can turn off appliances when not in use if not unplug them.

If more people did as described above we probably could cut energy consumption by 1/3 if not more. By setting an example for family and friends we can encourage them to follow the same path. We can also write our government officials constantly about going to green and renewable energy/ fuel sources. If enough of us write and keep bugging them there is a good chance it could create a change. Even a small change can trigger larger ones kind of like a domino effect.

Being informed is the best way to create change, To inform others creates change of mind that begets change of action. The more informed the public becomes the more they act. A good example is Greenpeace they use grassroots efforts to educate the public and also to raise funds. They succeed both in raising awareness and getting donations. So educating the public about the facts is a proven method to create change.

The seriousness of our energy crisis is really not understood by most people. The fact oil is not a never ending source of energy eludes most people. When the oil becomes scarce there will be wars over the remaining supply if we don’t find an alternative fuel. If were to find a viable renewable source of fuel to replace oil then we wouldn’t have to worry about the shrinking oil supply.

Well those are my thoughts on the subject anyway.


Ray Barbier A.K.A. Verum Peto

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