Coal, Green Energy and Change

The change over to a more environmentally friendly and renewable energy source from the reliable source of coal will happen in the near future.
The cleaner energy source may make a good impact on the environment but it could have a negative impact on the economy of many coal mining towns across America. We should take in consideration the jobs that will be lost and the impact of the lost industry as we start the transition to the greener and cleaner energies. If we are to close mines that many citizens rely on for income then we should retrain the miners for new jobs and move new industries into the area to keep the economy of those towns alive. The government only can provide unemployment benefits and maybe the training for new jobs the building of new industry in the mining towns would be up to big business and investors. Though both federal and state governments can offer incentives for businesses to choose mining towns for new locations.

The future is uncertain for those in mining towns and I really hope that our government realizes that its not only clean air or water that is involved in this greener future but also the livelihoods of many Americans. I am all for green and renewable energy but not for unemployed and hungry Americans. There has to be a solution to our energy crises that wont leave so many out of work.


Well until next time

Ray Barbier A.K.A. Verum Peto

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