Then we are not as Civilized as we think

The only way the world will find peace and fix the economic and ecological problems we face is if we come together as a world to face them. No I am not referring to a one world government, I am referring to the co-operation and focused collaboration of all nations to solve the problems at hand. It seems though there is so much mistrust between nations that it will be a tremendous task in it self. First off The U.S. needs to wrap up their middle east campaign and return the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan to their own people and Governments. The Financial strain on the U.S. economy and our civilian population will keep America in a recession. Also our presence in those countries keep the middle east in a state of war and also fuels mistrust in our government in that region.

  Its time to get the middle eastern countries involved in the process of reestablishing those countries. Though I know the U.S. and the U.N. still need to play a part in the process. Iran needs to comply with the U.N. charters and cease all attempts at nuclear weapons and continue with their nuclear power plants. There is no need to have nuclear weapons to defend themselves against their neighbors or even the U.S. .  I do not believe any nation would risk starting a nuclear war due to the fact the radiation would render both their enemies land and their own inhabitable. Of course there are mad men with little care for life at all that could trigger such a war I would hope that common sense and compassion would prevent such a war.

To be fair I will state that all nations should destroy, dismantle and discontinue the production of nuclear weapons. With conventional weapons we could still cause the near extinction of man and all other life. The process would take longer but still is possible. We need to stop saber rattling and start negotiating a compromise that all sides can live with.  So many problems to face in this modern world and too many to address in this post. Let us all be adults and find ways to bring peace to all nations and solve the current problems that we face. If we can not join together to fix the problems in this world then we are not at civilized as we think we are.

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