International Help / Aide offered but with a cost

  It is nice to see the other countries out there offering help in the oil cleanup in the gulf but its offered with a price tag. Why is it when America offers help to other nations they do so for free but when its us that needs help we have to pay for it.  So should America start charging for their assistance for now on or should these other countries give us help for free?  B.P. would be the one paying for the help if accepted so in this case I may side with the countries offering help. This is more of a disaster caused by the lack of safety and a lack of quality control due to the possible greed of company shareholders. I do believe if it was a natural disaster or a catastrophe from uncontrollable circumstances that the nations of the world would be offering free help / aid.

  It is very reassuring to see that we as a world can come together to solve problems when they are immediate, now if we could do the same for the problems that are present now and will worsen in the future. We still need to deal with the world economy and the state of the earths environmental changes such as global warming and the melting of ice caps etc. .Hopefully we will learn from the B.P. oil incident and impose more safety regulations and governmental inspections.Even if we clean up the oil there is the methane gas and the possible dead zones that can happen from the gas.So much marine life has been and will be effected by both the oil and methane gas and it will take years if not decades  for the marine life to recover.

Well hats off to the global community for offering help. And here is to the hope the global community will come together to figure ways to reduce the impact on the marine life in this disaster.

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