Here we go again – New Fuel Tax

Well if this don’t take the cake, not only does BP get a tax write off for their oil disaster the government is proposing a tax hike on oil (Oil Disaster relief fund now at .08 per barrel) between 30 and 40 cents. That could equate to 1 dollar or better in price raises to gas at the pump. Not only that it can increase the cost of most goods and services between 10% to 20%. The taxes will be directed at oil companies but it will pass on to us consumers. Doesn’t our government realize the economical impact this will have? Already in a recession and trying to recover from it this tax hike will only put us further into recession. The Oil disaster should financially fall completely on B.P. not on consumers directly or indirectly. And i see no reason to give companies a tax break on accidents created by their own negligence. Write your senators and tell them to vote no. The house already passed there proposed tax hike but the senate is set to vote on it soon. and write Obama let him know we are tired of bailing out companies and paying for their negligence.

Just a note to those boycotting BP gas stations you are not hurting BP, most BP stations are franchised and buy fuel from multiple fuel suppliers not directly from BP itself. You are only hurting the local gas station owner and the employees he has employed. Boycott long enough many people will loose there jobs.

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