The 3 F’s of Life

The 3 F’s of life, Friendship, Fairness and most importantly faith. A real friend will be there to support you when times are tough. The same friend will be right beside you when times are grand. Friendship is a valuable tool in the wellbeing of your mental and emotional health. Fairness instills humility and a unselfish mentality. The virtues of being humble and selfless has been written about both in the religious papers and in philosophies from ancient times Faith is bringer of hope and  the sustainer of the weary. The 3’fs are just the basic tools one needs to make it through this world and through this life.

Without friendship one will be lonely. Without fairness there would be cruelty. and without faith there would be despair.  So the 3 F’s of life are needed in order to maintain happiness and instill humility.


Just something to think about is all….

Ray Barbier – A.K.A. Verum Peto 

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