p10055To enrich a relationship and keep it strong you must work at it. No relationship can fly on autopilot without crashing eventually. Several key components to a successful relationship are as follows

Communication : Communicate your feelings and just talk to each other not at each other.

Quality Time:   Spend time with your mate doing activities that you both enjoy

Self Time:  Just as you need quality time with your mate you both need time away from each other.

Acceptance:  You must accept your partners faults along with your own. (Nobody is Perfect)

Impulsiveness:  Be impulsive occasionally, surprise your mate in one way or another to keep things stirred up.

Sometimes there  will be times both you and your mate will have to do things that the other likes and you don’t. 
Just remember true love is unconditional and is giving of itself. You must understand that both you and your mate are two individuals with different backgrounds and different upbringing. No two people is completely alike and the difference between people is what makes each and every one of us interesting. Instead of wasting time wishing your mate would do one thing or another put that energy into enjoying the things your mate does that you enjoy.

Every person has good points and faults and only one who can correct those flaws is the person with them. You can not change anyone who isn’t willing to change. so instead of wasting time trying to change them, accept their flaws and improve yourself. If you both learn to accept one another for who you two really are you might be surprised how little the flaws in one another matters. And as we all know our time here on earth is a short amount of time, We can spend it enjoying the goodness in ourselves and those we care about or we can waste that time being judgmental and angry at the fact the world and the people in it are not perfect. 

There isn’t a perfect formula to having a perfect relationship only because there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Remember that and then maybe you can help your relationship become a good one.

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