Christianity, Judaism and Islam

1973525686islam_sm2cross     Every morning that you wake is another day god has blessed you with life. What you make of your day is mainly up to you other than what is controlled by uncontrollable circumstances and external forces. Free will was a great gift god gave his children but it carries a heavy price. Being physical matter we must obey and follow the laws of physics so what ever action we take it will cause a reaction. The only way the law of physics is bypassed is by the will of god for he lives outside the laws of physics, time and space. Sayings such as you reap what you sow and the wages of sin is death can be tied into the laws of physics (which god created).

Now I am not going to get into trying to define god and defiantly not going to say which God is the right one, But i will declare the God I believe in is the same God who the Jewish, Islamic and Christian religions follow. I myself am Christian by both choice and belief. I do not judge other religions, I am not so vain to be able and say I alone know which religion is the right one. All I can say is which religion I choose to believe and try to follow. Who is to say that any religion is the one and only true belief system. Only god knows and has the authority to do such a thing. I tend to believe that Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all the right religions. One for each region. The Jewish have Judaism, The Muslims have Islam and the Gentiles have Christianity. God allowed all three to flourish to help his children. But I could be wrong for I am nothing but a humble human.

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