Just a pipe dream

dd43853   We all are Brothers and Sisters in this world we live in. We all are descendants of the first human to walk this earth. Though we come in many colors and cultural flavors we are all apart of one species. We allow religion, politics and cultural differences divide our great family. We should embrace all our differences, for that is what makes us such a unique and wondrous species. Just think what we could accomplish if we were to work together to fix the problems we face. I believe that man kind can overcome our differences and can accomplish amazing things if and when we come together as a species. 

Our separation is the weak link in our family, For a house divided upon itself will eventually fall. So much we could do and achieve if we could learn to unconditionally love one another and to co-operate for the common good. Though I know its just a pipe dream to think that mankind will ever come together to better life, But I like dreaming of the positive possibilities before us. Maybe one day in the far future mankind might grow up enough to come together as a species and live in harmony with each other. Maybe one day we will learn the earth is ours to take care of not to abuse and destroy.

Maybe one day governments will serve the people and religions will co-exist in tolerance and for the saving of souls. Until then we must make the best of what is here and live by example in hopes others will follow.

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