2012 The End, A New Beginning, or Just another year?

p10156 All the hype and media that is out there trying to tell us the end is near is more of a distraction than a help. What if it is the end in December of 2012, We can not prevent what we truly have no control over. The End can come at any given date in the future, It all depends on the choices we make and how we take care of our home we call earth. The only other way the end will come besides by our own hands is by a random catastrophic event caused by nature or brought to us from the dangerous objects flying through space. Since we are not technologically advanced yet to alter the paths or comets, meteors and other space debris, we should focus on the things we can either change or prepare for.

  Most weather events we can prepare for and survive through except for the occasional massive and severe hurricanes, tornados, volcanic activity and earth quakes.  Global warming we can slow and possibly even reverse in time, but only if the whole world works towards that goal. I would not waste energy worrying over 2012, I would instead about the dangers we are certain exist and can be avoided if not overcame through the collective effort of all peoples of the earth.

  Maybe 2012 is the year we come together as a world, All governments working together with the common goal of world prosperity and peace. I do not want it to be a one world nation because absolute power would corrupt such a government. Though maybe a U.N. kind of thing but with each nation with equal voting power. Though I know the U.N. has many problems, but it is the closest thing we have to the nations of the world working together for the common good. Allot of work would be needed if the U.N. was the choice that is for sure.

2012 is probably nothing but another year ,But I Hope 2012 is a more of a beginning of a new era than the end of Mankind.
I guess only time will tell what 2012 will be

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