Local Farming and Home Vegetable Gardens

pating11012   Now that our economy is like a roller coaster and our weather is not as stable as it once was and our food supplies are tainted with bacteria more and more each day,We may need to start considering local farming to create more local food sources. Local farming would be more cost effective in the since of fuel due to less distance to ship the product and probably would have less problems with bacteria infection sense the local farmers would be eating what they sell and local government could inspect the farm as well. Another benefit to local food sources is the fact if a national catastrophe were to happen it would insure that people could at least eat. Since our acceptance of commercial farming we may have enjoyed a larger variety of produce and at a lower price but at the cost of both our safety and the quality of the product. Though the variety would be limited by geographic location the quality and safety of the food would be equal if not better and the cost would be lower due to the savings on shipping. 

  I know that the chances of local farming becoming a reality again in modern times is slim at best but maybe home based vegetable gardens could once again become a reality across America. Our grandparents had the right idea about being more self reliant and less wasteful with their resources. They grew and raised most of their food and did their own home repair and maintenance.

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