Community, Fellowship and Charity

  To love your community and have a sense of fellowship with all of mankind is love manifested into action. To care for those in need and show support for those who need a helping hand emotionally, physically and even financially is a responsibility that all of the human race should take on. From children up to the elderly there are allot of people who are facing trials within their life that tend to be a bit more than they alone can face. Just a few minutes here and there helping someone out can make a big and lasting difference. I believe we all are one big family called the human race and we should take care of one  another just like a family would and should. If you have the love and compassion within you to help your brothers and sisters then go volunteer at hospitals, retirement homes, churches, soup kitchen and etc. or be creative and find your own path in helping out others. Almost every major religion supports charity and community, This is what i think the religious leaders should be focusing on for that is the way mankind should be.

Well Work Calls, So enough rambling for now


R. Barbier

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