Modern Times and Religious Ideals

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  In modern times the way organized religion operates is not much different then the ways it has in the past. Each religion claims to be the one and only path to God and or heaven. When we get arrogant enough to proclaim we are right and that all others are wrong we open the door for problems such as terrorism, racism, sexism and even religious persecution. Being a Christian in faith I can only comment on my own faith and the status of the organized religion of Christianity. Seems some of the Christian churches of today preach that if it isn’t Christianity then its an enemy of the church and of God. I have seen T.V. evangelists preach fear of other religions and even try to oppose the freedom of other religions to exist in the United States. There are allot of churches and religious leaders who are tolerant if not even accepting of other religions out there also and i commend those who show tolerance and acceptance for that is what being Christian is supposed to be.

Jesus taught us to turn the other cheek, forgive others, love your enemies and to be humble before God. I do not see enough churches promoting that message or even trying to following it. Jesus lived a life in which he healed the sick and he showed compassion to all in his travels. I feel until mankind in a whole can learn to love each other and to have a compassionate heart we will never know the love god has to give us all. A heart that is hard as stone gives no love nor can it receive the love given to it. An unforgiving heart will never know forgiveness for others or itself. God has given man many great gifts and abilities yet we waste some and abuse others with little care or appreciation. Freewill is one of the greatest of gifts he has given man and yet we seem to forget it was a gift. The gift of life and then the gift of salvation are the top two gifts and even those are sometimes taken for granted if not forgotten by some.

  We need to remember where the gifts come from and to cherish them always humbly and truly. Though we have dominion over this world we live in we are still the servants of the one who gave it all to us and should remember this always. We should always walk with love and compassion in our hearts and be guided by the wisdom God grants us. We should never interfere in the freewill of others for that is their god given gift and therefore no man has the right to interfere. The only right we have in the freewill of others is to offer them advice and or other paths to follow, ultimately it is solely up to them to choose their own path in life.

Well enough of my Religious Ramblings for now
Peace to all

R. Barbier

One thought on “Modern Times and Religious Ideals”

  1. hello ray hope you are well i love these messages that you send to me i am still going to church with doc and family and i am also going through an a to z program to get rid of my past problems. i also have met someone that thinks of me as you once did looking at whats inside and not what on the outside he is a truck driver that i met on pogo we have been talking a whole lot and he also puts extra time on my phone just so he can talk with me doc is in the process of running a background check on him its really good to hear from you and you stay safe and happy peace lisa

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