Division, Immaturity and Our Congress

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The national debt seems to be one of the main focuses of the political arena during this pre mid term elections. So much party division within the major 2 parties that it seem neither the democrats or republicans can agree within their own party or with each other. It is all about power and control at the moment and not about the lower middle class or the poor. Anti Obama sentiment is the republican playbook and Obama is still holding on to the blame Bush mentality. I know Obama’s Health bill has allot of holes and flaws but then this is mainly because the republicans and democrats can not get together to do something good for the citizens that elected them. Such division between two parties is bad enough but now the division is within the parties themselves.

The Lust for power and the war within for control has pretty much shattered our congress which in turn makes the congress weak and ineffective. Instead of a republican pledge I would like to see a Bi-Partisan Pledge and to see them actually keep that pledge. The Main tings they need to focus on is a real healthcare solution that will make healthcare affordable for the lower middle class and poor along with affordable higher education that would in turn bring economical growth. Social security should be sealed to where they can not borrow from its funding and should not have an age increase for its benefits. I have noticed allot of politicians rather cut programs that help the lower income than cut either their own salaries or programs that they support. When you make over one hundred thousand dollars a year I guess social security and healthcare are not a concern to you, but when you make below twenty five thousand dollars a year they are your main concern.

  It really shocks me that so many highly educated people that makes up our congress can act so immature and can not find a middle ground between them to get the things done that is needed. They play the blame game too much and seem to overlook that thy all are to blame. Not one party or the other are solely to blame for the state our country is in. Both sides have passed and blocked laws and bills that has brought us to were we are today. Maybe if they completely read what they are signing for and maybe have a real debate over the issues instead of party positions we might get our country back on the road to greatness.

Well enough of my Political Ranting for now
Peace to all

R. Barbier

2 thoughts on “Division, Immaturity and Our Congress”

  1. very well said ray you nailed it on the head now that obama is president the mid class and lower class havent got a leg to stand on love you lisa

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